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  • The implementation of Hospital Manager (Purkinke HIS) enhances communication within and between medical and administrative teams. They share the same information, which decompartmentalises each service within the organisation. Information about hospitalisation and movement is coherent, which contributes to improve patient security. 

    - Pascal Vassallo, Directeur de l’établissement, Centre Psychothérapique de l’Ain

  • When we adopted Purkinje’s solution, we took a giant leap into the future. How did we manage patients before?

    - Dr. Rob Annis, MD, CCFP, Hôpital Listowel Memorial

  • By understanding our needs, Purkinje HIS has really adapted to our processes. It brings additional value to multidisciplinary work and multi-organisation settings. 

    - Dr. Pierre Kovalevsky, Hôpital de Bagnols-sur-Cèze

  • I think it is a product that has grown and still has a lot of evolutive potential. First and foremost, I think it’s a modern product. 

    - Dominique André, Adjointe au service informatique, Centre Chirurgical Marie Lannelongue (CCML)

  • Purkinje is our key partner since the beginning of this complex project. Purkinje’s positive contribution can be found in various levels: first, the bilingual clinical software, which includes the Patient record and Scheduling module, is the cornerstone and central repository for the CRHIS Electronic Medical Record. • Purkinje has also provided a complete scanning solution with a set of functionalities that was received enthusiastically by the care community of the National Defence. • The Canadian Forces Health Information System (CFHIS) is a 200M$ project, deployed in more than 60 sites across Canada, Europe and Afghanistan, that allows to securely share medical information. Lockheed Martin Canada is the prime contractor and integrator.

    - H. S. (Jeet) Sodhi, Gestionnaire de projet CFHIS, Lockheed Martin Canada

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