Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

Purkinje teams up with DRAGON, the medical dictation giant, world leader in voice recognition software, to assist physicians in their daily practice.


Save up to 30 minutes per day!


Medicine is about listening and sharing. Medical history, family history, decision making, etc. have to be written down, electronically, and shared. This is where the Dragon Medical solution turns out to be a valuable tool by allowing recognition of dictated information, understanding of context, voice commands, and entries in fields, templates, or forms. Spend more time with your patients to offer them quality care, and less time at your computer to enter notes!


  • Avoid errors with a solution that can recognize 22 languages with over 99% accuracy!
  • Dictation is three times faster than typing text. Save time and reduce the tedious task of data entry.
  • A user interface that is intuitive and easy to integrate for an immediate and easy utilization.
  • Dragon Medical is the only dictation solution that is 100% compatible with your EMR



Join over 180,000 physicians and choose Dragon® Medical Edition 2. This new version includes:

  • The possibility of using an Android or iOS smartphone to dictate a medical report.
  • Vocal shortcuts to make medical information searches easier.
  • Specialized medical dictionnaries, reminders, designed to help physicians to be more productive.


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