The new Purkinje billing solution

The new Purkinje solution fully respects the SYRA platform to offer you a smooth transition to the new RAMQ payment system. In addition to being compatible with the new SYRA system, our new solution includes additional benefits such as:


  • Featuring an ergonomic interface with the user in mind, the Purkinje billing solution enables a quick and easy entry of procedures and related context items. A simple click allows you to transmit your payment requests to the RAMQ. Instead of 4 pages of entry, as on RAMQ's site, there will be just one, adapted to your needs.
  • The solution is entirely web-based, which means that it is accessible anytime, from anywhere. The solution also adapts perfectly to tablets and smartphones.
  • With the Purkinje solution you have real-time transmission of each invoice, saving you a delay of several days to find out if your bill is accepted or rejected by the RAMQ.
  • The fee calculation will no longer be done by the software. It will be done by the RAMQ. Only the RAMQ can calculate the exact amount of your invoice and determine its acceptance, but thanks to our sophisticated business rules, your invoices will be filtered to detect errors before being sent.
  • The 03 transaction code (prepayment) is abolished and will be fully managed by the new solution.
  • For previous bills paid with a code 03, when a corrected invoice is required, it will be necessary to resubmit it using the current system. The new SYRA RAMQ system will not take corrections to bills that precede it. Therefore, you should keep your current solution for a few years while the RAMQ processes all invoices with a code 03.


Main SYRA/RAMQ changes

RAMQ has brought many changes, the major ones are mentioned below, and the deadline date to convert to SYRA is December 31st 2016. The changes imposed by the RAMQ are intended to simplify billing, to be closer to your practice:


  • Form 1200 is abolished: form 1200 will no longer be used, as the information will be transmitted directly to the RAMQ through the web. This means for you a reorganization to adapt your operations to the new RAMQ rules.
  • Implementation of a time reference: it will no longer be necessary to specify procedures or modifiers by timeslot as you have to do now; the reference for the procedure will now be the start time, and, in some cases, the end time. This will make the entry simpler by using the date and time as references.
  • Modifiers: modifiers are abolished by the RAMQ. You no longer need to remember and use these codes. Instead, procedure context description items will be available. When the new solution is implemented, we will supply you with a customized list of those items corresponding to the modifiers that you use the most.
  • The procedure codes remain the same: the procedure codes that you have been using are not changed.


Transition steps

The tests with RAMQ will start this coming April and we will start deploying the new Purkinje solution in July. Here are the main preparation steps for the implementation of the new billing solution.


  • Telephone conversation with our representatives to determine the date for the deployment and training. One of our representatives will contact you in April, May or June to set an appointment and give you all the information needed for a smooth transition.
  • Deployment of the web solution and training. Training will be provided remotely by one of our experts. This will take about one hour and a half
  • Start-up support for 6 weeks: when you start using the new solution you will have access to one of our Purkinje medical billing experts for 6 weeks, to help your transition and answer your questions. After this time, the standard technical support will continue


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