Purkinje and MEDFAR seal strategic partnership


Montreal, April 16, 2019 - Purkinje and MEDFAR Clinical Solutions are pleased to announce a major step forward in their growth and development. The two leading players in technological solutions for the healthcare sector have sealed a strategic partnership in pursuit of shared goals and their respective missions.

In order to focus on its regional hospital information system (Purkinje HIS), Purkinje has agreed with MEDFAR to migrate the clinics it currently serves to MEDFAR’s MYLE Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform.

Over the past 15 years, Purkinje has devoted its energies to implementing clinical solutions that enhance and simplify collaboration between healthcare professionals throughout the care pathway. The partnership with MEDFAR will let it concentrate its efforts on Purkinje HIS, in which it plans to invest millions of dollars in the coming years, and remain the industry leader in hospital information systems in Quebec.

In MYLE EMR, clinics will have a an effective, comprehensive, collaborative solution that includes innovative new modules such as an online patient portal, an advanced intuitive data analysis module, and a connectivity module. These services are supported by standard-setting 24/7 customer service. Purkinje EMR’s flagship features, such as the clinical knowledge base, the tools for creating clinical notes, and the medical billing solution ( will be incorporated into MYLE EMR.

The partnership solidifies MEDFAR’s leading position in Quebec, with more than 4,000 physicians and 12,000 users for its web-based MYLE EMR, and supports its drive to expand its footprint to clinics across Canada.

“We are proud of this partnership, which will enable us to continue growing and to step up our investments in order to offer innovative solutions,” says François Carignan, President of Purkinje. “MEDFAR has a skilled team with a thorough understanding of the issues in the healthcare system. They are dedicated to developing state-of-the-art EMR software that dovetails with the ecosystem we are developing around Purkinje HIS and its advanced cloud-based features.”

“We are honoured by the trust Purkinje has placed in us and delighted to welcome new users to the MEDFAR family,” says Elias Farah, CEO of MEDFAR. “We are confident that our partnership will improve the experience for our clients and their patients. Matching Purkinje’s deep expertise and feature-rich HIS with MYLE’s innovative EMR will offer healthcare professionals powerful tools that improve productivity, support connectivity and empower patients.”


About Purkinje

Purkinje is a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal that has been developing IT solutions for the healthcare sector for over thirty years. Its detailed understanding of the clinical world, combined with its technological expertise, has yielded innovative solutions for medical clinics (EMR), administrative services for physicians, and a cutting-edge hospital information system (HIS). Purkinje’s solutions have earned the trust of many Quebec hospitals and the Canadian Armed Forces. Purkinje is also working with the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) to deploy an integration engine at the provincial level. After achieving rapid growth in recent years and more than doubling its operations in 2018, Purkinje is geared for continued double-digit growth over the next five years.


About MEDFAR Clinical Solutions

MEDFAR Clinical Solutions, established in March 2010, is a provider of technological solutions that aims to transform the way healthcare is delivered. MEDFAR’s MYLE Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, an intuitive platform developed in conjunction with a medical committee comprised of more than 30 physicians, has been rolled out to more than 14,000 users worldwide. It provides nearly a thousand clinics with easy access to medical records, effective operations management and improved patient services. Last year, MEDFAR introduced the MYLE Patient Portal, which allows more than 8,000,000 patients to schedule appointments online and securely access their health records.


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